Which Data Format should I use while using PowerTrack API?



I’ll start using the PowerTrack API, so what data format should I be consuming. The support.gnip page mentions two data formats-‘Original Format’ & ‘Activity Streams Format’ and both differ in a few ways with some different fields.
Are there any advantages of choosing one particular format?
Will I get to decide which stream format to consume?
Also, I’ll be using DM and Account Activity API, so which data format will be in sync(like having same data points) with them?

Sorry for so many queries


Hello @lalit_17,

Great questions. We recommend using the Original Format, aka the enriched native format. We will only be applying future updates to this format.

You do have the ability to select which format you can use within the Console that you are provided with your Enterprise account, but once again, we strongly recommend using the enriched native format.

The Account Activity API will be in sync with the native enriched format.


Thanks a lot man. You got me sorted. :+1:

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