Which country is this #hashtag going to be Trending in?



[I am new here, so I wasn’t too sure in which category I should write this… Sorry!]

Hey, everyone,

I had a quick question regarding Trending topics on Twitter.

Imagine a group of 1 million users have set their country as: Germany and they have all set their Trends to Greece (meaning they’ll see what’s Trending in Greece, and not Germany).

So, this group of 1 million people decide to start tweeting Tweets with the hashtag: #TwitterTest, and since 1 million people are tweeting the hashtag, it gets set as a Trending topic (automatically by Twitter).

The question is, which country is it going to be trending on? Germany or Greece? Since the users tweeting the hashtag have set their country to Germany and Trends to Greece.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Can’t say for sure since the exact details of what features / thresholds are considered aren’t public, but there’s a good post on Trends here: https://blog.twitter.com/2015/building-a-new-trends-experience

As far as i can tell though - i think viewing trends from a different place is more of a UI preference kind of thing - i doubt it feeds back to calculating trends. The actual geo location (where available) definitely does matter.