Which API to use?


Hello all,

I am currently using streaming (track) API to track certain keywords but I am reaching a limit in terms of # of keywords. Total number of keywords I want to track is appx 2000 (Is there a way where I can do it)

Also I not only want to track keywords but scan specific users account (appx 1000) and get tweets from those users if it matches certain criteria.

Which API suites the best for my requirement? If you can suggest.

Thanks a lot


The public streaming API supports up to 400 keywords, and 5000 user IDs.

If you need more than this, then there is a link on the POST statuses/filter page that suggests our alternative Gnip APIs, which are designed for large-scale usage:

The default access level allows up to 400 track keywords, 5,000 follow userids and 25 0.1-360 degree location boxes. If you need elevated access to the Streaming API, you can contact Gnip.


Hi andy,

Thanks for your reply. Just for my clarification I have already reached the limit of 400 keywords but I can still scan 5000 users in the same API call right? Or its either of the 2?


yes, but you will also need to account for the length of the URL query parameters in total.


OK I will make sure about the url length.

Thanks a lot for your reply.


Hi Andy,

Sorry to reopen the chain again. The problem now I am facing is that as per your recommendation I started tracking users too along with keywords. Since this API or the follow tag requires user_id as a param I first did users/lookup and got the ID of all the users I wanted to scan (appx 500)

Now I am passing that user_id in the follow tag but I am getting tweets of some other screen_name. So I guess the problem is that my ID does not match with the actual screen_name although I have got that from the users/lookup API.

I would like to know how I can verify if the ID against my screen_name is correct or not. I see some of the IDs are correct since I am getting tweets of those screen_name so I am confused what exactly I have done wrong since I have followed the exact method and it works for some cases and does not for other.