Which API should I use in this case REST or Streaming?

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I have a cloud saas crm app. Now the crm users want to get the
twitter data(for their account) after applying some filters. Backend I
want to use is Node.js. I have two concerns here

  1. One is realtime response(As the tweet can be used by the client for
    further actions).
  2. Which option scales better for the number of clients(crm users) and
    then no of tweets?
    If use stream api which one user, public or site stream.
    I plan to make server to server connection.


Use user-auth so the api rate limits are based on the user, not a single shared app account.

For lookback data, you can use REST APIs. Note that you will hit limits of how far back you can go (especially with favorites). And if you’re looking at something other than the individual’s own account, you’ll hit the limits quickly.

I might suggest Gnip as a solution for both historical lookback and large volume of account following.


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