Which api is used get information about deactivated account?



I am using api https://ads-api.twitter.com/0/accounts

but response is in below format.

[{u’name’: u’Testl’, u’deleted’: False, u’created_at’: u’2012-02-10T21:09:34Z’, u’updated_at’: u’2016-03-09T00:00:54Z’, u’timezone_switch_at’: u’2013-05-22T04:00:00Z’, u’timezone’: u’America/New_York’, u’test’: test’, u’id’: u’test’, u’approval_status’: u’ACCEPTED’}

but there is only deleted flag.
is deactivated is equivalent to deleted?

I can’t see previously deleted account in the response.

For how many days we will get the data for above api for corresponding account .if it is deactivated?

if account is not in response can I consider it as deactivated?


@idreaminfinite From our getting started guide:

While deletions are permanent, deleted data can still be viewed from most GET-based methods by including an explicit with_deleted=true parameter when asking for the resource. Otherwise, deleted records will return a HTTP 404.


twurl -H ads-api.twitter.com "/0/accounts?with_deleted=true"