Whether 'expires_after_secs' can be extended or perpetuated by registration method


I pre-register the image to be repeatedly used on the direct message screen by using the following API.
(This image is also used for welcome message)

The application we are going to create sends a message with “Quick Reply” function to the user,
It detects the user’s reply and sends the next DM message.
All of these messages need to have an image attached, so we set the “shared” property to “true” to use it many times.

On the application server side I’m creating, I think that it is necessary to register the image again when “expires_after_secs” is over.
However, I am looking for a good way to avoid updating this re-registration and the media_id issued by that, on the application server side.

I have the following questions.
a. Is there a way to extend “expires_after_secs” of already registered media ID?
b. When registering media, is there a way to register with “expires_after_secs” in an infinite state? (For example, using an advertisement account)

Thank you.


Neither of these things is possible. Media IDs expire after 24 hours.


Thank you very much.
When I send “Media Message” attached with “Direct Message”
Even if it used “Media ID” once, I understood that it is necessary to confirm expiration date every time.
I am grateful to your support.