Where to find update of Twitter's REST API, we are still on v1 :(


We have a PHP platform that is supposed to post updates to Twitter about once a day. For this, we have a daemon that generates and invokes an OAUTH token. We are using a public PHP library (class TwitterOAuth) to support OAuth for Twitter’s REST API v1, developed by Abraham Williams.

This worked properly until June 11, 2013, but since then there have been NO tweets posted from our account. I assume this is because the v1 REST API was retired on June 11th 2013. So we should have updated the API, but the guy in charge of this left the company and it slipped through the cracks…

Can someone recommend where to get the updated version of the PHP library?


Updated library here: https://github.com/abraham/twitteroauth

I suppose most important change is in this line: