Where is the full API Documentation?


I’m brand new to using Fabric and the TwitterKit and I can’t seem to find the API docs. I know about the overview, but I’m looking for more in-depth examples and information.

I’m specifically working on a Cordova plugin to enable SSO with using the Twitter account on the user’s phone.



I think our REST API will serve you better, take a look at https://dev.twitter.com/rest/public

What kind of examples and information are you looking for?



The Rest API doesn’t allow me to use the Twitter account already on the phone to do SSO.

The use case is:

  1. User wants to use my Cordova app
  2. User wants to sign in using Twitter rather than creating an account
  3. User already has the Twitter app on their Android device along with a Twitter account
  4. User clicks “Sign in with Twitter” on my Cordova app
  5. App uses the Twitter account on the phone to get oauth token/secret
  6. App sends token/secret to server to log in user
  7. Server responds with user object
  8. App completes sign in and shows user their “Home” page

Currently, we are using the Oauth endpoint, but that means that step 5 is replaced with:
5) User types in twitter username and password even if user already has Twitter account on the phone

My goal is to not require username/password if we don’t have to.

I’ve already figured out that I can use Twitter.login to accomplish much of what I’m aiming to do; I’ve got a basic test Cordova app authenticating correctly.

My next goal is to wrap it up in a Plugin that I can import into my other projects and share with others on Github.


If anyone is curious, I’ve got a partially working plugin here: https://github.com/ManifestWebDesign/twitter-connect-plugin

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