Where is Indian time zone in twitter ads


In https://ads.twitter.com/accounts
while selecting country and time zone where is IST utc 5:30
Asia/Indian city

why twitter auto select timezone as Asia/dhaka
why not
Asian/(some Indian city)

No Indian time zone or time on Twitter ads page

It’s just a timezone identifier from the IANA time zone database - Asia/Kolkata for example should have been there as well, if it wasn’t then that’s a bit odd, but in any case as long as you picked the timezone that falls under where you want to run your ads then that should be all good irrespective of what it specifically says.


Indian Timezone is GMT +5:30 . I dont see that available in the list.


Asia/Kolkata should be available which is GMT+05:30


GMT +05:30 is still not available. We just checked. Did anyone find it?


Yup, its 16th Dec 2015 and still can’t see +5:30 for India. :neutral_face:
What I am suppose to do now?

Infact, there is no XX:30 time zone.


Still same problem, NO xx:30 time-zones. Also it’s not letting us select ‘Bangalore’ as location for targeted Ads. Twitter doesn’t seem to be serious about their Ads Business. Just that we keep getting bunch of promo mails.


Problem still not resolved. Please update soon.

Indian Timezone Not Resolved

Hi All,

I can confirm that the Twitter Ads UI where you’re seeing this does not currently support any non-integral time zones like Asia/Kolkata +5:30.

I’m not aware of any reason for such restriction on the back-end in the Ads platform or an the Ads API but the Ads UI is currently restricting account creation with time zones like this. In any case, if it blocks you from creating an advertiser account with the correct timezone I can understand how that’s a problem for you.

For the time being though, these aren’t time zones we can support. I’ve looped in our product team to look at this and evaluate adding this support, but I obviously can’t make any promises or commit to any timelines.

No Indian time zone or time on Twitter ads page