Where is Consumer Key


where is Consumer Key


Register an application to obtain a consumer key. Consumer keys are also known as API keys. You’ll also need your consumer secret. To make API calls, you’ll also need an access token and access token secret, collectively called an “oauth token” – they represent a user making a request. Take a look at this doc if you haven’t already: [node:114].

You can start the application registration process here: https://dev.twitter.com/apps


After registering a new app, click on test OAuth, then u’ll see consumer key and consumer secret.



I am using the python twitter api and want to send a request
api = twitter.Api(consumer_key=’’,consumer_secret=’’, access_token_key=’’,access_token_secret=’’)

consumer _key and secret i have got but how to get the access_token_key=’’,access_token_secret, could some one please advice on this ?


how do i get consumer key for sign in with twitter


To find your consumer (API) key:

  1. navigate to http://apps.twitter.com
  2. Create new or select your existing application
  3. Click the manage API keys link


Hi I’m having the same issue and have followed your guide but still can’t see anything like customer key or customer secret key .Any help will be much appreciated


@aaronhoff managed to find it by clicking test auth.


SOLUTION with pictures!

Hey folks. The blog post I created has screen shots and starts from the login screen. Some of us just want to see what to do and follow along. I dont check this forum so please comment in the blog comments box. Thanks for sharing it as well! :slight_smile:

Post Title: Easily Get Twitter API Key, API Secret, Access Token, Access Secret – in Pictures
Post Page: http://www.74by2.com/2014/06/easily-get-twitter-api-key-api-secret-access-token-access-secret-pictures

Disclaimer: this was posted on June 04 2014; we may not update the post if Twitter changes their interface or retrieval process; maybe we’ll just make a new post.


Thank you.


Thanks @TanerKay!




By registering an application at https://dev.twitter.com/apps