Where is API key?


where is the API Key on the Details page ? I am trying to use Tweet2Download App and I wound up using the consumer key twice. I don’t see the API code on the application anywhere.


Joe Simmons


Me too. I cant find the API key


The consumer key and the API key are one and the same thing. The API key used for @Anywhere is the same thing as a consumer key. If you’re using @Anywhere, all you need is the consumer key.

The consumer secret is used for server-to-server OAuth.


So, @anywhere API key = consumer key


i can’t fine it where’s my consumer key :slight_smile:


how to get API Key for twitter to my app


Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps and Create a new application




is possible to Get API key for a page…




i got api key now how i implement in my website in php


You can to see http://www.oneall.com/
you can use the plugin oneall. Here you ask the key, they are 2 and then you have to set permissions to read and write so that users can log into their social media. If you want to see how it looks in a wb page, do it in www.iplaclass.com