Where does Twitter source its Australian political boundaries information


In this StackOverflow posting of a few days back http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22859307/where-do-google-and-twitter-source-political-boundaries-of-cities-regions-and-s I ask if anyone knows where Twitter derives its Australian political boundaries information. Finally, someone pointed out that I should talk directly to Twitter.

I can see basically how to drive the Twitter API in such a way as to give me the polygons that are so neatly “dashed” around administrative regions. I’d like to be able mashup Google and Twitter data at this level but I’m concerned that Twitter and Google may be deriving their geodata from different sources. If they are, our business logic breaks.

Please can some one authoritatively state where political boundaries are derived from? Also, does anyone at Twitter know whether Google data is the same or different?

Kind regards,
Bruce M. Axtens
Software Engineer