Where do I find the advertiser tokens?


We’ve just been rejected for the developer level of the Advertiser API because “Your app ID however, has more than 5 tokens”.

I’ve looked in the App console, and I can only count a maximum of 4. Where else should I be looking?

App ID is 6648684 if it makes a difference.

Developer Access - OAuth Token limit

Hi @kootsoop,

I think @BerndVerst may have misunderstood your question. This is not related to revoked tokens.

Because Developer-level apps are capped at 5 tokens, we will only grant access to apps that have 5 or less tokens currently. The app ID you provided has 42 active tokens and therefore is ineligible.

You can register a new API key and apply again.



Thanks! For our initial foray into Twitter Ads API, we’ve created a completely new app consumer key + secret. That seems to have progressed our application for developer status a little further.

Endpoint request: who has oauth'd in for access through our Ads API allotment / revoke their access

@jillblaz is it possible to remove tokens associated with apps either on our end or from your end? We’re currently at 5 tokens in our Developer-level app (8248270) and would like to remove one of our employee’s token to do more testing with live data via a client’s token.

Above it looks like you suggest reapplying if someone has 42 but I’m really just hoping we can remove 1 associated token with our app if you have that ability when viewing our app.

Thanks in advance!


@joshuaemert You can remove a token quite easily if you have access to the user account that has authorized it, which it sounds like you do.

When logged into the relevant user account, visit the apps tab and revoke access to your application. This will terminate the relationship between that user and app and decrease your token count by one.


Thanks @jillblaz. We tried removing ourselves earlier but were still maxed out. Just wanted to make sure the token count was current and not cumulative. We’ll remove again and maybe wait a little longer. Thanks again!