Where can I get a list of all twitter place IDs?


I am doing a some work that requires being able to collect tweets from a broad geographic footprint for the purposes of tracking news propagation, and getting more accurate information about global current events. In order to do this, the best way I can gather to do it would be to do regular searches in all of the different places that Twitter has names for, in order to get the best global coverage possible… but where would I go to get such a list of current place names?


Which twitter endpoint are you using?


Why should it matter? A number of endpoints have the ability to retrieve statuses near a given location. I need the locations so that I can iteratively retrieve some statuses from each location, particularly since the only other way to get such a comprehensive list would violate the Developer Rules of the Road, section I, paragraph 4, sentence E, and for various reasons wouldn’t be an effective means anyway.


I wold like to find a list of place ids as well. We are trying to track statuses that have a specific place id.

I’ve attempted using the /geo_search and /reverse_geocode methods. The result returned is no more specific that city, state and country. I would like to be able to return a list of nearby POI.


I would love to find the same too. Interested to fetch tweets from people who have set particular location for the tweets