Where can i check x-rate-limit on post actions


Hi, (i’m new on twitter api)

I check x-rate-limit-XXXX on GET actions like statuses/user_timeline or application/rate_limit_status but in POST actions like statuses/update i cant, it seems like response headers are missing. Is this ok?

If it is, where can i check x-rate-limit on POST actions?
I can send tweets until api responses on some error code? or i must stop every half-hour or 50 tweets.

Thanks, and please sscuse my english.


Limits on posting actions are adaptive due to our antispam technology which looks for patterns that are likely to be indicators of bad behaviour. You can read more about the daily limits for account actions on our support site.


Thanks for your response, so i can POST tweets until receive an error code saying i reach post limit until some time and then continue posting until reach a new error code. Is that right?

No hope often reach the limits, but I read somewhere that reach the limits repeatedly cause for blocking the account. What happens then?

How much tweets can i post in an hour?


If you can post 2,400 Tweets in a day, you can assume that is roughly 100 per hour, but this may vary according to system load, and the fact that most people are not awake for every hour of a 24 hour day, so it is adaptive - which is why it is hard to be exact.



I understand limits on posting actions are adaptive but what is the approach to take in the eventuality the user is in Twitter jail (he/she has no remaining tweets for the current 30mn window after he/she manually used all is bucket) and the app is then attempting to tweet 1 single tweet/retweet on the user’s behalf?

If the approach is to catch an exception after receiving a 403 then so be it but if the application gets penalised for reaching the limit then it doesn’t make sense.

Any chance to have a snippet of code that handles the above scenario in an acceptable manner (ie: approved by Twitter). I am aware of the limitations as per described in the documentation (2400 / day with semi-hour break down windows.)

Thank you