Where are the AS3 SDKs for Twitter?


these libraries are so out of date now … the list from dev.twitter… and at least one I know is failing now. Tweetr by Sandro Duccesschi… It has an incorrect URL in the oAuth.as library ( about line 62 ) and I can’t recompile to swc from the sources. There are probably other changes needed now too.


TwitterScript by Michael Galpin. AS3 API, originally from Twitter, now open sourced.
SWX Twitter API by Aral Balkan.
Tweetr by Sandro Duccesschi. AS3, supports the REST API, Search API, and URL shortening.
Coderanger by Dan Petitt. Flex/Air OAuth library class.

Is anyone going to bring out an official AS3 release?


I’m interested in the AS3 SDKs for Twitter too now that most requests seem to need authentication.


I just purchased GoViral from Milkmangames and am testing it out. I will let you know if I get it to work.


OK GoViral worked… to the extent that it uses the twitter app on the mobile device to send the tweet and bypasses any type of authentication. A sneaky way around the issue but it does get the tweet out. It can also send a tweet with image.


The instructions are very detailed and you have to follow each one implicitly but once you do it opens the twitter app with the message from my Flash CS6 built AIR app. Tested on Android. Now testing on iOS.


I actually got some great support with the package as well. Every email inquiry was answered. Some within 5 minutes.


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This package is no good to me, as I need Twitter to be operating in the background, once intital authorization has been done.
If I could contact swfjunkie - he’s not responding - I’d ask that the swc’s be remade. I have asked - but he isnt responding as I say. Pity. A nice package when it worked.


I also purchased the same from milkmangames. But that’s bad user experience, if user doesn’t have twitter application then user will have to download the twitter app then only they can share. Did you find any other way to do it from AS3?


I have fixed the tweetr library now to work with REST 1.1

It’s at https://github.com/ShanghaiTimes as source code. So read the NOTES there, regarding compile time options.