When will you guys be accepting new applications for the details pane?


Hello Twitter,

It seems as though your pattern has been to roll out a handful of sites every few months:

16 sites on September 14th

5 new sites on December 7th:

6 new sites on June 4th

We would love to be one of the sites in your next roll out!
Although we are less established then most of the sites you have white-listed, we feel that integration with us could help nonprofit and political campaigns accounts make better use of their twitter accounts.

What we would like to show in the twitter details pane would just be our video player:

Just tell us what we need to do and we will get on it (I believe we are oembed ready).

Bryan Barton
bryan {at} donortube.com


should just use youtube… save your own bandwidth and also tap into all that developer activity.


My question is when will twitter allow other video players (besides youtube and Vimeo) to be played in the details pane. I heard that they will be opening it up to everyone at some point. But if they are going to be doing another limited roll out- we would like to be one of the folks involved.


I mentioned it in a duplicate discussion (https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/398); but, we (iFixit) are likewise interested in having our content enabled on the details pane- Who can we contact to learn more about the process to get whitelisted? Here is a link to our oembed-enabled content: http://www.ifixit.com/api/doc/embed
example: http://cl.ly/1B0h3j1x3e2E3q35151l