When will Twitter Cards be available for the public?


Title pretty much says it all.

I want to use twitter cards (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards) for my comic/blog soon. I understand there’s pretty much 0% I can get into the participation, so I’m wondering when will it be available to public.

Also, is everything stated in https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards pretty much set in stone? My thumbnails are all planned to be 270px at the moment, which is 10px shy of the minimum width. Is 280px to stay?

I understand informations may be secretive, but I figured it’s worth a try hah. An estimate would be very much appreciated.

Oh, and if you know, but cannot say because of company policy or something, please comment that, so I’ll stop checking this page hah.

Thank you.


We’re in the process of rolling Twitter Cards out to more users and partners. As a website owner you must opt-in to have cards displayed for your domain, and Twitter must approve the integration. We are doing this to be able to slowly roll-out this feature and make sure we offer a great experience for users. Our plan is to open this to more publishers in the next few months.

As we roll out this new feature to users and publishers, we are looking for sites with great content and those that drive active discussion and activity on Twitter, so please feel free to out the form: [node:7940].


Form filled.


Do you guys have a way to see the status of our application?


How can we apply for a APP Card? We would like to promote our digital magazine.