When will "expires_after_secs" be applied?


I applied one “Media ID” to “Welcome Message”.
There was something to worry about today.
It means that although the expiration date (expires_after_secs) has elapsed,
It is a phenomenon that the image was displayed normally.
I thought that it was necessary for the application to update the expired image when necessary.
Please let me know if my expectations below are correct.
“Expires_after_secs” of the media set to “Welcome Message”
Is it available even after that period?


expires_after_secs applies to the image before it is attached to a Tweet or Direct Message. Once it is attached, the image will not expire from the media store. The point here is that you need to attach the image to a Tweet or Direct Message within 24 hours of uploading to the platform, or the image will be expired (deleted) from the media store.