When twitter validated meta tags for my player card why its got rejected with the same reason?


I have applied 4 times for Player Card for @PSPKfans_in . I know that player card takes lots of time for approval.
I have make sure that my tags aare validated properly and applied for player card. But after three weeks i got a reply saying that invalid meta tags are present. How cum i know if my tags are invalid when my validated by twitter itself. Some one please help me. I am losing patience. I desperately need this card.


Validated screenshot


Apologies for the reply not being more specific. Looking at your meta tags, I see that your twitter:player URL is not HTTPS. This is a requirement of the Twitter player card.


Hi Jon… thanks for replying. I don’t where you are refering but both in the url and screenahot the url is containing https.Please check once.


The content within your meta tags is not https – for example:
meta name=“twitter:player” content="http://releases.flowplayer.org/swf/flowplayer-3.2.18.swf"
You will need to use HTTPS for your iframe, stream, and all assets within your Card.


I am having problems with my twitter card player. I tested my player url at desktop, ios and android devices. I have two websites that i used same cards. My video urls worked fine and i validated both with validator tool. You can see below these two website links, both validated with the tool, only one got approval. I’m stuck. What i’m doing wrong?

http://test.infotv.bentego.com/Nasilyaparim/p/telefon-bakimi-ve-temizligi-45/cep-telefonu-ve-hijyen-63.html?r=1_mv ( activated one )



Hi Ozge, your latest video card submission has been reviewed and approved.