When Twitter restarts the direct messages limit



Does anyone know at what time Twitter restarts DM limit ?

Thanks for your time


Per the Twitter limits support article, an account can send up to 1000 DMs in a 24 hour period. From an API perspective, that will be rate-limited into 15 minute windows.


Ohh, that’s good to know.
I’ll have to add more if’s hehehe

so, if I do the math I can send a maximum of 10.4 DM’s every 15 minutes, is that correct ? or twitter’s internal logic is not linear ?


That’s a good rule of thumb, but of course you might need to seen a bunch in quick succession as part of a conversation (though that is probably less likely now with the raising of the DM character limit). Posting to the Twitter API is a little bit tricky to explain, as we have some bots and rules that detect potential spammy behaviour, so it isn’t always just total number of actions / number of 15 minute windows in a day - but that’s a good starting point.


Alright, thanks for your time

I’ll give it a try