When tweeting a URL with a section sign, only the URL before that character is made into a href



First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place to discuss this matter.

I work at a Norwegian company which publishes judicial information in Norway. When deep linking to legal documents at our website, we allow the use of “§” (Section sign), this is something that many of our users dp.

Example: http://lovdata.no/lov/1997-06-13-44/§7-1

When trying to share such a link on Twitter, Twitter will only parse everything before the section sign. I tweeted an example here: https://twitter.com/torhenning/status/533685638428491776

When we realised this, we “solved” it by encoding the URL on our “share on Twitter”-button. But many prefer to take another URL from another share button, then complain when the link is not working.

Is this something that can be looked into, or is this by design?



URL-encoding the passed URL is the correct approach for both Web Intent and Tweet Button.

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