When someone reweets on my website, they receive a suggestion to follow the author and it is not me!


I am not sure why the retweet button on my website is suggesting to follow the author of my post (me) but the Twitter user is not me. Tried to find where this can be turned off, but cannot find it.


Please share the code you’re using to embed the button or, preferably, the URL of the site demonstrating this problem.


Thank you for your quick response. The website is http://TheBearEconomy.com and it is the Tweet button there. It started about a week ago and was showing prior as suggested “Follow” the author (me) under my TheBearEconomy user ID. I have another Twitter ID TEKSlooh1, this also appeared now and then as a suggestion to follow which I did not put in. Not sure if this is where the screw up is as the person now that keep showing up with my suggestion to follow is user name TEK (Tobias Kemper) that I do not know or follow., however starts with TEK too.


Your HTML markup for the Tweet button includes the tag data-related=“TEK:The author of this post”. Removing/changing that will fix the issue you’re seeing.


OK, where do I find this HTML markup and tag data and is it in only one area?


It’s in your HTML source. There appear to be 10 instances on the landing page.

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