When MoPub service approve account?


Hoping you are doing good. I have a query about how much time its take to review an App. Its about a week that I have applied for Mopub. Is it any time frame for the review.

When Ever I login in to the Mopub Account I keep seeing this message"Thank you for updating your payment information. Your account is in review. You will be able to receive ads from MoPub Marketplace once your account has been approved. For questions, please visit our help page or contact policy@mopub.com. Tip: Monetize your inventory through network mediation or with direct sales while we process your request."

Is there any thing on my end that is delying the review. I think I have provided all the details. Looking forward for your positive response.



We recommend you to review our Supply Partner Policies to make sure your app is compliant: https://www.mopub.com/legal/supply-side-policy/

Also, you can email policy@mopub.com and make sure to have the following in place?

  • the corresponding Android package name/iTunes App Store URL linked to your MoPub App in the MoPub UI
  • screenshots of the app in your Admin page to show that you are the owner of the account
  • Link to your Privacy Policy
  • Note only published apps are eligible for Marketplace approval, if you have any unpublished apps in your account, please remove them

If you have any technical questions, feel free to reach out to support@mopub.com.