When is the updated_at field modified on campaign & line item entities?



When is the “updated_at” field modified on a campaign entity or a line_item entity within twitter?

My previous assumption was that the field is only updated when a user updates the entity via API call, or when someone edits the entity via the UI.

Are there other cases when it can change?


We would like to prevent users from modifying stale data. However, it seems like date in the “updated_at” field changes more often than I expected, so, after releasing the feature, users were reporting fairly frequent occurrences of the error unrelated to user actions.


The updated_at field should indeed only change on manual updates to the entity via the API or UI. If you’re seeing cases where you’re seeing it update without explicit user activity, please let us know the specific details (entity id & the account id), and we can investigate further.

In any case, the updated_at field shouldn’t trigger any error states on your end since it’s simply a timestamp. Could you elaborate more on what you’re seeing there?


In that case, I will have to investigate what users are doing more carefully.

We may be running into caching issues in our UI that are triggering this error in some cases.

Thanks for the clarification.