When I upload a video, the audio gets delayed



When I upload a video, the sound always gets delayed by probably 0.5 – 1 seconds.

It’s kinda frustrating, cause when you upload a music video or visualization, audio timing is important and it reduces the mood. So I need to reupload the video until I get it right.

Why is that, and can it be fixed?

It doesn’t matter where I upload from.

Thanks :pray:


Can you provide an example video file, and also a code snippet with the API calls used to upload it, so that we can reproduce?



Unfortunately we’re unable to assist here, if this is an issue with the developer platform then please provide a link to a video that doesn’t work as expected. Otherwise please use @TwitterSupport for these issues.


Okay, thank you. Is it perhaps possible to create an official Twitter forum where ordinary users can discuss and Twitter Staff participate, like this? It would be very useful.