When I hit 2000 people i follow it stopped letting me follow anyone else


Do i need more followers or something. some sort of ratio? BTW I love your site and you ALL are doing a wonderful job!

Thank you,

Lance E. Taylor CodeRancher


Thanks! You can read more about the following ratio here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/66885-i-can-t-follow-people-follow-limits


i dont why i cant follow no more people. my followers are unfollowing me cus i cant follow them. ilike to follow4follow :frowning:


hi im trying to get my account verified. I had alot of followers but i lost i great chunk due too the fact ppl wanna steal my name i need my acount to be verified so that the real Dinco fans can follow the real Dinco.I rap so i have alo of fans. thank you very much