When approved for Basic-level ads API access, what API key will we be using?


We are currently developing a Twitter ads integration for our existing web app, using a Twitter app with Developer-level ads API access. This app is not the one we use for general purposes; we were instructed to create a brand-new app for this program.

My understanding is that Developer-level access is strictly for development purposes and not for publishing any campaigns. So before this can be part of our production app, we need to get Basic-level access.

But when we get Basic-level access, will we get access on all of our Twitter apps or strictly the one we used for this program?

I’m trying to determine whether I need to build a mechanism to authenticate accounts under a distinct app for ads purposes, or whether our existing authentication flow will work for ads as well. Building a new mechanism is possible but not simple, and I don’t want to build it if I don’t have to.


Discussion with the Twitter ads API team has revealed that we need to keep using our Ads-specific key during the Basic period, but when approved for full access we will be able to use our normal production keys.