When API return this{"errors":[{"code":50,"message":"User not found."}]}?



User did postings on twitter through our app,while processing for one of his post API returned user not found error message.Later for the same user postings were happened.But when we come across this error and whats the reason?


It is not clear what may be causing this without more information about the precise API call your code was making at the time. Are you able to share the endpoint and parameters that were used?


We have used the API call -> https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/update.json .And the parameters are status,media_ids .Having confusion about why the error is occurred,As we are using same API call every time.


Are any of the Tweets replies to other users?




In that case, I cannot suggest why that error could be occurring if you are just posting regular status updates.


I’ve noticed more of those errors lately. I don’t know why.