What's the auth parameter for Collections API?



Now, I’m interested in curator api produced by twitter platform.
But I cannot understand how to use an auth parameter for Curator API.

If I would like to get various curated tweets on Curator, I think that I should use following API.

• GET collections/:id/content

According API reference, Curator API is usually needed the auth parameter, so I specified access token as the auth parameter. But error occurred below.

{“status”=>{“code”=>400, “message”=>"User does not exist”}}

I think that the auth parameter is not access token.
Could you tell me how to use the Curator API with auth parameter?

And I recently requested for participation in Collection Beta API on following site because I thought this procedure is needed for getting the auth parameter value.
Is this understanding correct?



Both Curator and TweetDeck allow you to build Collections, and you’re right that direct access to the Collections API needs your app to be whitelisted. Fabric apps have access to embed Collections, and others need to have their keys given access to read/write around them.

The API is documented here - I’m not sure where you get the collections/:id/content endpoint path from?

The form you linked to is outdated, and I’ll make a note to have it removed. You can see more about requesting access to the Collections API here.


– my misunderstanding, apologies!

I see you’ve actually been referring to the Curator API reference. For that one, you should request access via curator.twitter.com as detailed on the page, and note that it is available only to TV broadcasters.

If you just need to grab an existing curated Collection, then the Collections API should work for you per my previous post.


Thank you for your information.

In this case, I just need to grab an existing curated Collection and tried to use Collections API which you explained me. But It caused following error.

{“errors”=>[{“code”=>87, “message”=>“Client is not permitted to perform this action.”}]}

What should I do for resolving this error?


You need to apply to have your application whitelisted, as per the Collections API About page.


Thanks, Mr Andy.

I apply to allow using Collections API for my application on following support site.

I’m waiting for responding from Twitter Support.
When I will be able to get a permission for using Collection API, I’ll try again and report the result here.


According Twitter Support,‘Twitter Platform Operations’, Collections API access is only available for apps created via fabric.io.

Though I was never going to create client apps for iOS and Android, had to create app via fabric.io to gain permission first.

After that, it allowed access automatically as it appears on “About Collections”.

Eventually, I rewrote code by ruby with generated tokens by oauth authentication of above app based on fabric.io.

So, no problem now, but I think that this way is inconvenient. I hope the process to create an application except for client apps based on fabric.io will be improved in future.