What's going on with twitter widgets?


I’ve been trying to add a twitter widget to my https page and all I can get is the ‘Tweets by @’ link. I’ve tried every which way with the domains (and every other function I can find on these forums and on stackoverflow). I think it goes back to this message: You attempted to reach cdn.syndication.twimg.com, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as si0.twimg.com.

I even noticed that twitters own page was throwing the same issue at https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines:

GET https://cdn.syndication.twimg.com/widgets/timelines/243046062967885824?domain=dev.twitter.com&lang=en&t=1504701&callback=twttr.tfw.callbacks.tl_243046062967885824&suppress_response_codes=true widgets.js:29
GET https://cdn.syndication.twimg.com/widgets/timelines/243129256710914048?domain=dev.twitter.com&lang=en&t=1504701&callback=twttr.tfw.callbacks.tl_243129256710914048&suppress_response_codes=true widgets.js:29
GET https://cdn.syndication.twimg.com/widgets/timelines/243129802880589824?domain=dev.twitter.com&lang=en&t=1504701&callback=twttr.tfw.callbacks.tl_243129802880589824&suppress_response_codes=true widgets.js:29
GET https://cdn.syndication.twimg.com/widgets/timelines/243130393459564544?domain=dev.twitter.com&lang=en&t=1504701&callback=twttr.tfw.callbacks.tl_243130393459564544&suppress_response_codes=true widgets.js:29

Is there a fix for this? I assume it has to do with SSL. If you open up one of those links in the browser and hit proceed anyway, it will work then, but we can’t expect users to do that.

Thanks for your help.