Whats Aggressive and Bulk following? Whats per second limit for these?


Our App is like ManageFlitter and Tweepi and shall facilitate user to manage followers and following more proficiently like these other applications.

I would like to bring your kind attention that a user can follow/unfollow more than 10,000
people using these applications but when we tried our App and followed 400 people, our
app got suspended.

We properly read Twitter Terms & Conditions and followed those in our App.
It would be great if you could please define limits per seconds(minutes) for aggressive and bulk.

We read from https://support.twitter.com/articles/68916-following-rules-and-best-practices
and there are no such limits.



Automated and/or bulk follows and unfollows are against the terms of service. See https://support.twitter.com/articles/76915-automation-rules-and-best-practices

“bulk” in this context means anything which adds or removes followers in any batch or automated manner.

Aggressive and bulk follow/unfollow