What will happen with the widgets IDs in the future?



I’m making changes on my website regarding the new embedded timelines but my question is what will happen with the existent embedded timelines that are on my site using widgets IDs… i know that right now they are still working but when will they stop working?? because i have too many websites to update (i’m managing a CMS) and i need to know with a little bit of time before taking this as a surprise.


Thanks for the question - if we have plans to fully deprecate widget IDs then we will of course provide notice, but I’m not currently aware of a plan to remove them completely (as you suggest, there are a LOT of sites out there that depend on them, so it wouldn’t be straightforward to end support for them). For the future though, we have publish.twitter.com as the primary route for generating embed codes for timelines and Tweets, as well as the existing oEmbed APIs which generate similar styles of code.


Thank you for your quick reply! That was my concern about the changes regarding widget id’s.