What we need to do to have you checked our website and cards started to appear?


We do follow all the instructions listed here: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards, for our website (http://rt.com). However, in tweets of our news, the card is not showing up still.
Thank you.


Did you apply at https://dev.twitter.com/form/participate-twitter-cards? We manually review cards submission for the time being.


Hello. We applied it more than two weeks ago, but cards are not showing up still.


@froginthevalley Hi Sylvain, We have also applied for twitter card for service.syncapse.org. It’s been a couple of days now. What it really takes to expedite the process.
We have a customer demo on 9th Jan, but still no clue of approval.


@froginthevalley Hi Sylvain. We have also applied for twitter cards - over 2 weeks ago - but they are still not appearing. Looks fine in the Preview Tool. What can we do to expedite it? Our site is www.itcentralstation.com
–Russell (co-founder and CEO of IT Central Station, the “Yelp for CIOs”)


It can take several weeks to get reviewed, thanks for your patience.


Hi … we are waiting for more than three weeks to be reviewed…any information about it?


We applied several months ago and still no answer (for the site http://coub.com).
Is there any way to know the status of our application?


Which url should I apply my submission for twitter card?