What types of targeting criteria can and cannot be combined?



When it comes to targeting criteria, these are broken down into two types:

  • Primary Types: Followers, Tailored Audiences, Interests, Keywords, TV
  • Other Types: Locations, Gender, Languages, Devices and Platforms

Within an Ad Group, targeting criteria are combined as follows depending on what type they are:

  • Primary Targeting Types will get ∪‘d (e.g. Followers ∪ Interests ∪ Keywords)
  • Other Targeting Types will get AND‘d (e.g. Location AND Gender AND Languages)
  • Same types will get OR‘d (e.g. US OR GB)

Let’s look at an example where all these come together:

(Male) AND (GB OR US) AND (Cars ∪ autocross)

In the above example, we are targeting by Gender (Male), Geo (GB or US), Interest (Cars) and Keywords (autocross).

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