What to put in the callback url for android app


Besides consumer key and consumer secret, what should I put in the callback url? I am using signpost. The documentation said to use a pin code and set callback to OOB. Other tutorials use something like “x-your-application-name-oauth-twitter://callback” and put it into the manifest as http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7150493/how-does-twitter-oauth-work-in-android. But it does not work for me. Anything changed? Please help.


When you say “it does not work”, what is the error you’re seeing?

Can you share a snippet of the code you’re using? (please remove all tokens and secrets first)


For signing in in twitter through Android, what should i put in Callback url? What is meant by “set callback url to OOB”? Please help… Its important and urgent…


Setting the callback URL to oob means providing a signed oauth_callback parameter to the oauth/request_token endpoint with the value “oob” – instructing Twitter that the auth sequence will be of the out-of-band variety, resulting in the user being displayed a PIN code that they must enter into your application so that you may then exchange a request token for an access token.

Likely not the sequence you want on an Android device.

Find out how to register a URI scheme for your application on Android. Use this URI scheme and a specific “path” in your application as the oauth_callback value on the oauth/request_token step. If you’re using this approach, you’ll need to provide a place holder HTTP-based URL in the callback field of your dev.twitter.com application record.


Why does the site disallow custom schemes in the callback URL?


The site only disallows them when storing them on your application record. However, you are free to provide a custom scheme callback dynamically on the oauth/request_token step.


when I redirected app to twitter…it is redirecting to twitter page…there it is asking me authorize or No thanks…when I click on Authorize button everything fine…But…when I click on No Thanks button it is not redirecting application…and the app getting crash…is there any problem in callback…


Can you detect more about what’s happening when this crash occurs? When you click the No Thanks button, what URL is actually being executed?


@ramisettysri pls what calback URL did you specify that redirected you to the twitter page?




maybe i have the same problem…my application in android always issue the message “unfotunately myapp has stopped” does this message issue because the callback URL…?


can anybody simply tell about what is the use call back url?


This worked for me pretty well:


Here is a good tutorial… step by step for twitter connect for android







Hello Tailor, why am i not taken to the desired xml layout after signing via twitter api? Instead it goes to the home site?!!


I simply put working (live) URL to twitter application settings and in java I put
CALLBACK_URL = “twitterapp://connect”;
and it’s working very nice.


For all those breaking their brains over it the full working example.
In your main activity:
TWITTER_CALLBACK_URL = whateveryouwant://somethingelse
In your manifest file:


Hi, chr1st3nd0
M new to android.
do i have to leave the Call Back URL field blank while registering the application if so ??