What to do when a user is banned?


Hi all, my user has been banned while testing de DM features because of a bug in the bot code, we overpass the rate-limit, so now we are getting a 420 error in every request to the API.

That happened over 3 hours ago, but we are still getting the error.

Any clues about how to get un-banned?



If this is an issue with a user account, you’ll need to use the support pages. We cannot help with any account-related issues here.

If this is an IP rate limiting issue, you should be able to proceed once the limits reset (this may be 24 hours if you have exceeded an account posting limit).


Hi andypiper,
How can I check if the received 420 error an account-releated issue or IP rate limiting issue?

I have the same problem with the example FilterStreamExample app.



Is the user account or app actually suspended i.e. can you login to Twitter and use it as normal?

I believe you are describing an issue where you’ve tried to make too many connections to the streaming API so your IP has been limited.


Yes, I can login to Twitter and use it as normal, so my IP address has been limited.

And yes, I have wrote the issue “What should I do if I’m rate limited?”. The fact is:
I have played with the hbc example FilterStreamExample on 2 machines, maybe even concurrently. I belive that is the problem. But if is that the reason, how long should I wait for to get ub-banned?


Apologies for my initial confusion, you mentioned “DM features” so I misunderstood the problem at first.

It can take some time. You may need to open a platform support ticket if your IP addresses are blacklisted. You should avoid running multiple streaming connections for this exact reason.


No problem.

Ok, I’ll try it again. If I get an 420 error I’ll open a platform support ticket.
Thanks for your help.


Thanks @andypiper, it tooks about 24h. for us to be unbanned, but now its fine. We will more careful using the DM API from now on… :wink: