What to do if exceed limit of 24,000 tweets per day



I am developing a new app which I expect will exceed the limit of 24,000 tweets per day.

Am I correct about the limit? What can I do if I exceed that limit?
Can I make special arrangement with twitter such that my app can do more than 24,000 tweets per day?

Any help will be greatly appreciated since I already started developing the app. Thanks

About restrictions on Tweet

The limit on Tweets is in fact 2,400 per day. This is an account limit, not an API limit. If you have multiple users authenticated to your app, they each have their own limit. There’s no process for enabling apps to send more Tweets, this is an account-based restriction. You should also take a close look at our automation policy.


Thanks for the reply.
So does this mean that if I have an App that has multiple authenticated twitter users then that app has no limit on the number of tweets that can be sent from that app (since there is no API limit)?
But each user has a limit, so so there is a limit for the app,
(number of users) X 24,000.

So are the above 2 questions true.


There is still an API limit, Andy just meant that it’s separate from the 2,400 per user daily account limit. The API limit is 15 tweets per user per 15 minute interval, spanning across all 3rd party applications as per https://dev.twitter.com/rest/public/rate-limiting.

Also note that there are finer levels of that limit of 2,400 per day, meaning that you can’t tweet 2,400 times all at once, there’s a finer limit of 100 per hour. You can probably break it down further than that to determine a reasonable maximum per minute (although I haven’t verified or seen this).