What targeting types are valid for MEDIA_CREATIVE_FOR_TPN



I’m trying to push ads to twitter partner network using the documentation here https://dev.twitter.com/ads/campaigns/twitter-audience-platform-for-map-campaigns . I don’t see anything specific about targeting for product_type = MEDIA ads other than that we need to include it, but my pushes are failing across the board for most targeting criteria.

{“errors”:[{“code”:“INVALID_TARGETING_TYPE”,“message”:“TargetingCriterion with targeting_type FOLLOWERS_OF cannot be combined with LineItem with placement_type MEDIA_CREATIVES_FOR_TPN”,“attribute”:“targeting_type”}],“request”:{“params”:{“locations”:“96683cc9126741d1”,“line_item_id”:“5xq6x”,“account_id”:“18ce548jwzt”,“followers_of_users”:“4341298889”,“wifi_only”:"",“gender”:“1”}}}

Is there a list of targeting types accepted for these ads that I’m missing in the api documentation?


Hey @JD_Spencer7 Thank you for the question!

Can you provide me the exact API request and response bodies for the relevant requests that you’re making?

Taking a quick look at the sample response you’ve listed, it looks like the issue is that you’re trying to use the FOLLOWERS_OF targeting_type with a placement_type being MEDIA_CREATIVES_FOR_TPN which cannot be combined.


Yep that’s what the error is saying, but I’m seeing that error for every targeting type except gender and country. The above has the request parameters sent, and we used the PUT targeting criteria endpoint.

/1/accounts/18ce548jwzt/targeting_criteria/?line_item_id=5xq6x&locations=96683cc9126741d1&gender=1&followers_of_users=4341298889&wifi_only=false payload []


Hey @JD_Spencer7

Apologies for the delay in response, however I’ve got an answer for you. Currently, these are the supported targeting_types for MEDIA_CREATIVES_FOR_TPN:


This is currently not available in our documentation but we’ve created a ticket to change this. Hope that answers your question!


@imit8me Just wanted to ask - I’m not even familiar with this placement type MEDIA_CREATIVES_FOR_TPN. What other placement types exist in the platform? Can you please provide us with this?

Also, what are all of these different targeting_types? These are all new and not part of the documentation. When will these be added to the documentation?

In addition, how can we get access to information such as placement types “MEDIA_CREATIVES_FOR_TPN?”


Additional details on targeting_types can be found here.

The placement_type of MEDIA_CREATIVES_FOR_TPN is set for all advertisers who are on TAP


Ok, so when I set product _type = “MEDIA” it’s being translated to that media for tpn placement type.

I’m curious about the targeting. It seems like this is a pretty drastic cut back from what is offered on Twitter O&O. In the Twitter UI I can make an image app download ad that has full targeting and then I can extend that ad out to TAP. This is offered in the API by setting the product_type=PROMOTED_TWEET. Alternatively in the Twitter UI, I can extend that image app download with full targeting to TAP and provide custom media. I thought the purpose of the MEDIA product_type was to add in this custom media portion, but with some of the calls I’ve made and what you’ve said above about targeting it sounds like this is TAP only. Is that correct?

I’d like to get as much of this functionality in, either TAP-extensions or TAP-only, but was hoping I could utilize the full targeting available through the Twitter platform.