What should I do with PIN after I take it for completion of authentication process?



I want to integrate Twitter into my android app, I’m doing coding based of Twitter4j library.
Actually I could use it in my project. But my problem is I don’t know what should I do after getting the PIN code. What should I do with this?
I didn’t use call back method and it is set to “none”. therefore Twitter sends me PIN code. I create a box the user should write the PIN into it and after clicking send, I want to send it to server but I don’t know the address and format of sending PIN code.

I completely appropriated if someone can help me.


Use of the PIN is described in [node:3398] - essentially, pass it as the value of oauth_verifier for your access_token request.


well but how I get the pinscreen? and how I can return to my app for write the pin? can someone help me please? I see the pin on my screen but I don’t know what I have to do now


you can try https://github.com/raidenz/twitteroauth, for pin verification method in php