What should i do to get data from Twitter Ads



I want get all campaign data from Twitter Ads use by python. Anybody can tell me what step should i do?
And what API library is easy to use? Now, i have some tokens i get from apps.twitter.com

I am very appreciate if you can help me, thanks


Dear Sir,
Yes ads use by python.


what library i shoud use?


Let’s stick to using one thread - have a look at our FAQs and documentation and make sure you have requested and been granted access to the Ads API.

In terms of Python, we have an official supported SDK which you can find here and install by simply doing pip install twitter-ads - however, you need to have access to the Ads API first. Please apply for access, read the documentation and FAQs and we will be more than happy to help in whatever way we can once you’ve done that - it should all be straightforward once you have access.