What should I ask to partner manager, for use reply automation tool?



Hello, Twitter developers.

We want to development brands account’s reply automation tool.
This tool reply to quoted retweet (or tweet with defined hashtag, account tag).

I found docs about automation rule.


Note: Advertisers, publishers, and brands using auto-response campaigns must request approval from Twitter and may be subject to additional rules. Please reach out to your account or partner manager for assistance. If you do not have a partner manager but are interested in managed client services, you can learn more here.

What should I ask to partner manager, for use reply automation tool?
Also, How can I inquiry way?

Thank you.


Hello @kashira2339.

The reply and mention functions are intended to make communication between Twitter users easier. Automating these actions to reach many users on an unsolicited basis is an abuse of the feature, and is not permitted. For example, sending automated replies to Tweets based on keyword searches alone is not permitted. Spammy or duplicative use of mentions and replies may result in enforcement action, such as the removal of your Tweets from Search or the suspension of your app or account.

In order to get started with Twitter APIs, you’ll need an approved developer account. Did you apply for one?



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