What permission should I apply for post Twitter App Card in my Android app



I want to whitelist my Android app for App Card.
Under the “Twitter API Policy Support->I need access to special permissions”,what should be filled in “Permissions Requested”?


Hey @nornso1,

Please fill in that you’re requesting Twitter App Card permissions for your Android app and provide a link to your app in the Android Play store.



I am unable to apply for special permission because email textbox is disabled so how can i apply for special permission?


Hmm, it’s odd to hear the email box is disabled. Can you share the link you’re using?



This is the link(https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform).When you select the radio button of special permission.Then you will find disabled email box.


Thanks @Nati078626, the email address field is based on the logged in Twitter account when you’re at the page. Once you log into your Twitter account, then you’ll be all set :slight_smile: