What parameters are passed to your card to make it dynamic?


Hi all,

I’m looking to implement a Twitter Player Cards for my website.
I’ve read all the docs but still can’t figure out what parameter to look out to know which content display in my card.
Example :
A twitter user tweet a url :
I have a card
So what will Twitter pass to this URL (query parameter?) so I can know that the link is the one with horse and display the horse video…
I’ll have the server side logic to process this URL and my card is dynamic but I miss the connection between the user link and my card…
Hope that is clear and that someone can help :slight_smile:
Thanks !


Ok I’m kind of dumb :slight_smile:

So you put the meta data on your horse page and that’s it :slight_smile:

(I reply in case there is other dumb people like me :wink: )