What language are you building your AdsAPI tooling in?


For those partners who are building but haven’t started calling the APIs, would love to understand what languages you plan to build in, and what, if any, SDKs you’re using?


Trying in Java, giving up though for this reason, Twitter4J Ads API Jar File for Java Web Application?, the documentation is abysmal. The Twitter Ads API docs need to be like Stripe’s if you want to get more people integrating the technology, https://stripe.com/docs/api


Twitter4j-ads-api is a third party library


It is. And apparently the only option for integrating the Ads API easily with Java, from my understanding anyway.


It’s a new library, please provide constructive feedback so it can be further developed. Also it’s a good reminder that a company who builds on the Ads API was generous enough to open-source their efforts for the wider community here to release this and now maintain it. Feel free to submit PRs to that project or provide feedback on how it can be improved.


Stripe have developed SDKs in-house, https://stripe.com/docs/libraries. I’ve yet to meet a developer who has time on their hands, so I’d recommend that Twitter do the same and make life as easy as possible for developers to integrate the Ads API into their platforms, it is the only way that is going to encourage more developers to implement the API. Simply providing API end points is not good enough. With the Ads API being a direct revenue model, I’m surprised that this isn’t being given more focus internally at Twitter…

Learn from how Stripe are engaging with their developer community. There is a reason Stripe is making significant inroads against behemoths like PayPal, and it’s because it is so much easier to integrate their APIs and hence pretty much every developer I speak with these days is choosing to work with Stripe over PayPal and others for this very reason.

Simplicity and ease of use are key.

I appreciate it is a new library and the open source nature, but honestly, this shouldn’t be a 3rd party library, this should be developed by Twitter and shown as an example of great coding for how to implement the Ads API. Full example code documentation (like Stripe do…) available in multiple programming languages (like Stripe do…) which is fully supported with regular release updates to the API SDKs (…like Stripe do…). You see my point?

I genuinely want to integrate the Ads API into our platform, I just cannot justify the time to mess about with such a poorly documented system which isn’t an official SDK from Twitter. For this very reason, this piece of functionality on our platform has been pushed right to the back of the queue until things change as we’ve endless other pieces of work to focus on.

The reason for providing the feedback is that I want to see this change for the better both for myself and others. I’ll be keeping an eye on changes in the future, I do hope that this feedback is taken on board.



I’m using .net and c# but finding I’m having to roll a lot of my own code and integrate with some ruby scripts.