What is ui_metrics in twitter login form?


In the POST request there’s a parameter called “ui_metrics”, What is this parameter used for ?


This is an internal value and not relevant to the developer platform. It is used for some internal analytics.

You should not attempt to reverse engineer the HTTP requests made by the twitter.com website as this is not a supported way to interact with the API and is against the developer policy and agreement. Thanks.


Is it a secret ? , so you can’t tell what are those internal analytics ?


The parameters are not part of the developer platform and we are unable to provide implementation details of our internal systems on these forums. What are you trying to build?


I’m learning HttpWebRequest in C#, and trying to see if I can login to twitter using C#, and I realized that not sending this parameter makes the request valid and account is logged in, That’s why I asked this question.


Unfortunately we’re not able to support this. Programmatic access to logging in to Twitter via web scraping is not supported, and web scraping is specifically prohibited by the Twitter Rules.