What is type of API , I can use ? is Streaming or not?


I will create an application, Automatically extracts data from Twitter by searching specific Keyword. And get the results , then stored in a database? …
I do not know what kind of API that appropriate for my app …?
help me to choose ,
what i can Use REST or Stream ? why ?


You could use the Streaming API with a filter to track for your keyword. That would let you follow current tweets from the time when your application starts, until it stops.

Or, you could use the Search API (which comes under REST) to search back for around 7 days of tweets featuring the keyword, but you’d need to keep calling it to get newer tweets as they arrived.

Note that you should not be storing full tweet information in a database for long-term storage, and should only really keep tweet IDs which you can then retrieve from the API in future; this will enable your app to respond correctly if a tweet has been deleted, for example.