What is the use, nobody helps me anyway


I’ve had previous twitter accounts which were compromised and so when I began @SaveOceansNow I decided that I would not allow anyone to connect to this new account and when it came to using Apps, if I ever used one, I revoked access immediately.

Things were going well, which gave a false sense of security I suppose, and now four people have listed my profile even though my bio clearly asks people to not list me. I have blocked all four but the lists are not removed after longer than a week.

I have reported this to twitter with no response, even though they claim that they will respond by email, so I have decided that I will deactivate this account on Friday 15th July, and if, upon reactivating a few days later, I find these lists still there I will abandon twitter for good. I am not prepared to begin yet another twitter account and I have no intention of dealing with another hacked account.

Hope you can offer feedback that can help.

Regards @SaveOceansNow