What is the typical wait for an answer on these discussion boards?


I asked a question a couple of days ago on the Twitter Cards board, and have not gotten any reply from anyone. The question is pretty clear and simple (all my cards validate, most of my twitter app cards work, but a couple do not).

Usually the bargain when a company dumps all their support into a newsgroup format is that they have some poor schmucks who monitor the groups and answer questions that the community doesn’t. (That’s my experience with NVIDIA linux, Google App Engine, etc.) Are the poor schmucks just on vacation, and I have bad timing, or should I just expect my question to languish there forever?

If the latter, is there any other way to get decent support from twitter?



It can depend. The team that supports the platform is small and we have different focuses. I unfortunately don’t work much with the Cards Platform and can’t be of much assistance to you with them (I mostly handle API questions).

Sometimes just because someone hasn’t gotten a response to a posted message doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been received, read, understood, or interpreted as some kind of signal. We can’t respond to every message, but we’re always looking to extract themes and are often quietly resolving things in the background.


Well if you could ping someone who supports cards (@froginthevalley Sylvain Carle seems like a good suspect), and let them know that many people are reporting the same issue (cards validate, but don’t show up as cards in the feed), I’d certainly appreciate it!

In this case, I’m excited to announce this new capability to our clients, but I can’t do that until I know why it only works for 90% of their apps.


Definitely – I’ve actually already flagged this for a member of the team to look into and hopefully they’ll respond to your thread when they have something material to share.


The problem went away. Either someone fixed something on your end, or this was just a caching-related issue. But I’m happy now!!!