What is the twitter robot IP address I should whitelist?



What is the twitter robot IP address I should whitelist?

Currently I have below 4 IP addresses crawl my web site very aggressively and sometimes make my web site very slow:

I don’t know whether I should block it or not.

There is a post saying that the twitter bot ip address can be found in the twitter troubleshooting guide,

but I can not find the place indicating the IP address I should whitelist in the troubleshooting guide, can anyone point out the URL?



I too would love to know if there is a list of IP addresses associated with the Twitterbot published somewhere?

All other major bots let you do reverse DNS lookups to check the authenticity, but I can’t seem to find this anywhere for the Twitterbot. All the information I have found seems to be inaccurate.

Can a twitter dev give us some more insight? :slight_smile:


Yes this information is documented.

Please see this page.


That information appears to be inaccurate - we have had legitimate requests that have come from the Twitterbot outside of the 199.59.156.* IP address range specified on that page.

I’ve created another more detailed topic here: No accurate information on the IPs used by the Twitterbot Crawler